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Goldenfirs industry big data service platform, industry sales and marketing one-stop service.


Production management, financial accounting, capital turnover, and production orders are all simplified;

Self-help station building:

Self-service website building, permanent free, free update, one-click website building;


Automated marketing work, free to use, customized strategies to sell products to the world with one click;

Supply platform:

The product is pushed to the world's top 10 top e-commerce platforms with one click and sold all over the world;

High efficiency

Intelligent processing of product sales and services has been achieved, and the service efficiency has been improved by more than 100 times the average level of the industry.

AI+big data

AI+ Big Data opens up system capabilities, resource capabilities and tool capabilities to partners.

One-stop e-commerce service platform

Open platform opens system capability, resource capability and tool capability to partners.


Global sales network for 200 countries, multi-language support

Select suppliers
In the store
The day of the order

Source selection alliance, to provide you with quality supply support


Why Choose Goldenfirs International

Goldenfirs International Ecosystem is an integrated management system integrating production, sales and promotion. Users can use SAASERP to manage production, SHOPIJK to build a website for free, RPASALES to promote products for free, and the source platform to push to the world's top 10 top e-commerce platforms for free.

  1. get started quickly
  2. Free self-help station building
  3. DIY theme
  4. Get your own standalone website in 30 minutes
  1. Production management, 24 hours monitoring production, tracking orders
  2. Financial accounting, accounting management for each batch of orders
  3. Fund turnover, the use of funds within 100 million can be applied online
  4. Push the product to the promotion platform for free with one click
  1. Provide supply support, zero purchase
  2. The company's large flow support, so that product sales more simple
  3. Free docking with the world's top ten top e-commerce platforms
  4. Factory one-click delivery
  1. Eight marketing tools, free to use
  2. Users quickly sell goods to global customers
  3. Automatic promotion without manual operation
  4. Strategy customization, training senior business personnel
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