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Kinshan International industry big data service platform, industry sales and marketing one-stop service.

1 million + Products:

Industry ERP and supply platform to get through, make sales easier;

One-stop service:

Supply platform, independent station, fully automatic marketing platform, so that brand promotion more cost saving;

Select Union:

Selected 20 suppliers nationwide to provide a full range of industry-related services;

Global linkage:

Independent operating system in over 200+ countries, allowing products to be sold globally;

High efficiency

Intelligent processing of product sales and services has been achieved, and the service efficiency has been improved by more than 100 times the average level of the industry.

AI+big data

AI+ Big Data opens up system capabilities, resource capabilities and tool capabilities to partners.

One-stop e-commerce service platform

Open platform opens system capability, resource capability and tool capability to partners.


Global sales network for 200 countries, multi-language support

Select suppliers
In the store
The day of the order

Source selection alliance, to provide you with quality supply support


The reason for choosing Goldenfirs

Goldenfirs self-service website system, within 30 minutes to complete the construction of an independent website, site cost only 500 yuan per month, Jinshan International people only provide supply support, flow support, with automatic marketing system, so that you can receive orders every day.

  1. get started quickly
  2. Get the theme for free
  3. Homemade theme
  4. Get your own standalone website in 30 minutes
  1. 500 yuan/month
  2. Credit card payment is accepted worldwide and is safe to use
  3. No commission and can be withdrawn at any time. Free from the blockade of overseas funds
  4. Free access to master station traffic
  1. Provide supply support, zero purchase
  2. The company's large flow support, so that product sales more simple
  3. The phone app automatically follows orders
  4. The factory undertakes to
  1. More than 100,000 e-commerce companies have joined
  2. A collection of fully automated marketing tools to help users sell goods quickly
  3. Multi-language version support
  4. It can be directed to precise customers
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